Your school tour conversion rate will never be high enough.

Imagine a family with two children schedules a tour of your school. You exchange emails and phone calls with them leading up to their tour and tell them what to expect. You spend time answering their questions. You set aside time to give them a personalized tour of your classrooms.

They see the prepared environment and they’re blown away. They’re impressed by how beautiful the classroom is. They’re convinced the Montessori method is perfect for their child.

Then they leave and you never hear from them again.

Does this sound familiar? It happens at every school. And it isn’t your fault.

That same parent toured at least three schools. Which means, schools are giving more tours than there are families to enroll. At least two of those schools are going to give a tour and not gain an enrollment. That doesn’t account for parents who end up choosing to stay at home or hire a nanny.

Converting tours into enrollments is a numbers game. More tours = more enrollments.

Your school will never turn every tour into an enrollment. Focusing on improving this conversion rate will not solve your enrollment problem. And that’s ok!

When a family tours your school and doesn’t enroll, that tour was not a failure. You did everything right during the tour. You were convincing and correctly read their engagement. You excited them about Montessori. They didn’t enroll because it’s just how the numbers play out.

The solution is simple: give more tours. You’ve been keeping track of tours given and how many prospects turn into enrollees. Use that to set your Tours Given goal.

For example, let’s say 1 out of every 5 tours turns into an enrollment. You want to fill three spots. You’ll need fifteen tours to achieve your goal.

If you’d like help figuring out how to set your Tours Given goal or how to increase tours, click here.