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What would enrollment look like if you were able to double the number of tours you gave this year?

Montessori schools like yours rely on enrolled families and alumni to spread the word. Word of mouth referrals are the cornerstone of a thriving Montessori school, but they only reach so far into the community. You need another way to find new families if you want to give more school tours and improve enrollment.

Digital marketing puts your school’s message in front of the right parents at a time they are most focused and interested in hearing it.

One of our clients was giving the same number of tours year after year. Enrollment was fluttering around an okay-ish number of students. But, every fund raising effort felt critical. The administrators weren't seeing results from the increasing expense of print advertisements. They felt like they couldn't compete with corporate daycares and charter schools.

After the first month of working together, tours for the Toddler Community and Primary started to book up. Website traffic nearly doubled. At the current rate, their Toddler Community will be filled in the next 6 to 9 months.

Their school is just like yours: warm, loving, beautiful, and in need of more students.

Complimentary Marketing Diagnostics

In a quick 20 minute phone call, we can show you how your current marketing is impacting enrollment.

After our call you will:

  • 1
    Know key numbers to pay attention to in Google Analytics
  • 2
    Understand where you lose contact with potential families
  • 3
    Have a ballpark budget for digital ad spend

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